Predator Dan Allen's daughter shares the shock, shame, and aftermath of TCAP revelation.

Apr 05, 01:53 PM

For 17 years, journalist Chris Hansen has famously conducted hidden camera investigations to catch, confront (“Have a seat...”) and arrest adult men engaging in sexually explicit online chats in hopes of luring underage girls and boys into having sex.  He’s confronted men from all walks of life - plumbers, doctors, clergy, teachers, even law enforcement.  Their careers and families, turned upside down with the revelation of the double lives they lead.  For their families, the collateral damage can be catastrophic.  Stunning them into silence behind the shame.  That is, until now.

For the first time, in this episode, Chris Hansen sits down with Daniela Miller, the daughter of one of the most notorious predators in TCAP history, Dan Allen.  

Allen was captured in January, 2006, in the very first investigation where law enforcement was involved, the Riverside County Sheriff's department. Over three days, 51 men showed up to have sex with a young teen boy or a girl.   One of the men who surfaced in that investigation was 49 year old, Dan Allen.

Chris and Daniela discuss the shock and shame of learning a family member is a sexual predator, and the devastating effects such a revelation wreaks on the entire family.  Daniela shares her biggest fear and how she and her family put their lives back together to move on.

Adapted from journalist Chris Hansen’s popular TO CATCH A PREDATOR series, each episode of PREDATOR I'VE CAUGHT features Chris recalling the most notorious cases and providing a “Where are they now?” update.