Ep. 391 - A Christian Misogynist and the "Downcline" of Morality

Sep 10, 11:17 PM

This week, we talked about preaching at the beach, adoption, Satanic erotica, the mom who assaulted a Catholic teacher, and more!

Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.

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— Christian misogynist Logan Dorn condemned women at the beach for wearing swimsuits he didn’t like. (1:10)

— A Spanish bishop quit the Church after falling in love with a writer of Satanic erotica. (22:55)

— A Christian lawmaker who sponsored Christian Nationalist legislation just got charged with financial fraud. (31:15)

— An Oklahoma teen was kicked out of their adoptive family after seven years for being LGBTQ. (40:09)

— A mom was charged with assaulting a Catholic school teacher… but you might take her side. (44:30)

— A lawsuit says a Christian youth pastor abused a girl, then claimed she “led him on.” (51:00)

— Evangelist Franklin Graham says people aren’t taking low-paying jobs because they’re lazy. (55:50)