The 3 Limitations of Private Practice And What you Can do About Them

Episode 4,  Sep 12, 2021, 09:45 AM

​​Welcome to #TheAbundantPractitioner Podcast, episode 4

​​As a health and wellness practitioner, your opportunity to both acquire and serve clients comes in two ways...

It’s either Public service (NHS in UK, Government Organisations or the Charity Sector) or Private practice.

While the former is a great way to earn a guaranteed income, private practice is really what makes it worthwhile in the long run.

Private practice gives you massive freedom to work with clients independently and help them better and it also allows you to be in more control of your own income.

When Guest Lecturing, most of the young health and wellness practitioners I spoke to or mentor had expressed a desire to have their “own thing” somewhere down the line.

Why not? It has the potential to make dreams come true. And in many cases it does.

But it comes with “Terms and conditions”...

The traditional way of private practice also has major limitations that you need to be aware of, including the “invisible ceiling on your income”, but also the energy expenditure that comes in working in such a way, as it’s not scalable! 🤔

In today’s podcast, I talk about these drawbacks and why the time to change the way we do private practice should change, and change now.

👉 Special Update: Very soon, I’ll be laying bare my 6+ yrs of operating in a whole new different way through my Position, Price and Promote challenge. 

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