How to do difficult conversations better with journalist and author Genelle Aldred

Season 2, Episode 14,  Sep 14, 2021, 06:00 AM

There's a lot of anger on social media. Maybe you've been on the receiving end? Or given someone you disagree with a piece of your mind on Twitter? Because they are just so wrong and you are just so right?

What we probably can agree on is that these polarised conversations aren't getting us anywhere.

Writer and communications strategist Genelle Aldred thinks we can do better. In her new book Communicate for Change (click here to get your copy) Genelle urges us to look first at our own biases, before trying to influence others. 

"All of us have problematic thoughts. Every single one of us would offend someone somewhere with something that we think and a view that we hold."
Listen for a chat about,

  • Being truly authentic in what you share online.
  • Why conversations about social justice aren't working.
  • Whether social platforms should be compelled to change and ban anonymous accounts.
  • How to get out of your own head and think about what your audience needs to hear.
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