Sustainable means circular - radical change for fashion with Esther Knight

Episode 76,  Sep 16, 07:00 AM

Working her way up to buyer level for many high street & designer brands, including Vivienne Westwood, Esther witnessed first-hand the pressure that fashion companies placed on their suppliers, the exploitation of factory workers & the environmental impacts of the industry. She saw the need for urgent change and realised she could not contribute to the broken system any longer. Rather than leaving the industry, she began working on a solution for a new and different business model in the fashion sector. 

Fanfare Label was launched in October 2018 - an award-winning circular clothing brand changing the way people buy, wear & consume clothing. The exorbitant amount of waste generated in the fashion industry inspired Fanfare Label to represent the circular economy standard; the label is a representative of what fashion could & should look like. 

As a non-traditional fashion brand or label, Fanfare has been featured in Vogue, BBC, Forbes, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, The  Sunday Times & Drapers, just to name a few. Esther has also hosted several events including working with Oxfam, The Fashion Revolution & International Justice Mission to raise awareness on sustainability and human trafficking.

Fanfare, as a sustainable women's wear clothing brand, particularly focuses on the areas of circularity and the idea that we don't need newness all the time. They have a mixture of different recycled and repurposed collections, as well as sustainably designed garments using the latest innovative, sustainable materials in their collections and ensuring that they're biodegradable at end of life.

In this episode we discuss: 
  • The many issues with the traditional fashion industry that made Esther choose a different and more aligned path
  • Why Esther chose a circular model for her sustainable fashion brand
  • How this circular model enables Fanfare to generate an income while also giving back
  • The steps Esther has taken to build a brand and business in a way that feels right to her
  • What she’d like to see the fashion industry change when it comes to circularity
  • And top tips for consumers of fashion (ie. everyone) to consider before shopping

“Obviously, not every business is 100%, sustainable. But for us, it's really about just doing our best and considering everything and considering as much as we can as well. And that's about having a 360 view towards sustainability. So, looking at every different impact and seeing how we can positively influence that area.”
- Esther Knight

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