Sparking Change in Your Life w/Rick Ornelas

Sep 16, 12:33 PM
This week, I spoke with Rick Ornelas. Rick is a “Positive Change Expert," and Author and founder of I Spark Change. He teaches others how to create an incredible future by unlocking their amazing potential and sparking change in the world around them. 

Rick shares about the time he and his family were in a tragic car accident and left without ONE scrape on any of them. 

Throughout our conversation, Rick and I talk about l i v i n g and not just letting life happen. 

Did you know?

70% of people recorded at the end of their life they had many regrets of things they wish they had done. 

Let’s not be part of that cohort!

I asked Rick…

If you had a megaphone powerful and loud enough to get your message across the entire world, what would be two pieces of advice you’d give the world? 

You’ll want to hear his response… :)

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