Healing Who I Was, Dying to Myself

Sep 17, 02:26 AM

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This is Episode 11, Healing Who I Was, Dying to Myself, with me, Elmer Miguel your host and I’m joined today by our guest JD Flood. 

JD  and I served together during Operation Iraqi Freedom. We were both in leadership in the same platoon with 2nd Battalion 5th Marines, Golf Company. Our deployment was spent conducting counter-insurgency operations in the hell-hole known as Ramadi. At the time we were good friends and co-workers, but it wasn’t until many years later that we re-connected and started two businesses together. JD now lives in Michigan with his wife, Jess, and children Weston and Sawyer. He is owner of Mission Ready Media. JD loves the outdoors, hunting and fishing, and storytelling through various forms of media.