How To Start Your Profitable Health And Wellness Business Online, Now!

Episode 5,  Sep 19, 2021, 02:00 PM

If you are a health and wellness professional who is not only qualified but also has the ability, skill and desire to help people be better versions of themselves in every possible way, this episode is a must-watch for you 👊

For long, more and more practitioners like you have been desiring an online component to their practice 🤔

Contrary to what you are probably hearing, let me break it to you fair and square - building a business is actually the easy part 🤓

But building one where you are not trapped as an employee yourself? Not easy! 😯

Running a profitable online business has some fundamental components which enable you to run it in a soul-nourishing manner.

Do you have a sound plan and definitive know-how in place? 

Especially the marketing bit - that’s tricky.

Or is it what I call “Hope and Pray” marketing that some marketing guru has claimed will lead you to the “promised land”?

Having run this model since 2015, whilst travelling across places in the Caribean, USA, Canada and Europe (talk about location freedom), let me show you now how you can go from desiring an online business to actually working with real-world clients; on your terms 😍

Regardless of whether you are an art, drama or music therapist, you can do this. Because there’s more than one person doing it online right now. Using my proven model.

I am conducting an in-depth 5-day Workshop called the Position, Price, Promote (PPP) Challenge starting Sep 20 (4 PM UK | 11 AM New York | 8 AM LA) ⏰

Click the link below to register now 👇👇👇

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