A Stitch in Time Saves Dad: Caroline's Secret Message

Sep 20, 04:00 AM

Talk about a sampler! In "Caroline's Secret Message," we are treated
to a birthday dinner, embroidery intrigue, a rescue plot, and
grandma's tips for winter prep. Did we mention Caroline makes a new
friend named Rhonda in this book, too? Perhaps we will never
understand how Caroline used a raccoon story and her sampler to give
her father an escape plan from prison, but we can appreciate a good
thriller/birthday book/friendship story when we see it. The War of
1812 may be "the war no one wanted," but these deftly woven plots will
keep us coming back for more. Special note: if you're looking for an
excuse to brush up on stitching skills, OR if you feel like being
creative and crafty in any other way, stay tuned! We'd love to have
you aboard for the first-ever Caroline Abbott Craft Fair.

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