NFL 2 Week - The Unnamed Sports Show With Guest Steven VanOver

Episode 63
Sep 21, 09:39 PM

Today On The Unnamed Sports Show your host Joshua Griffith is joined by Senior NFL Writer for Sports Talk Line Steven VanOver to talk all things National Football League. Week two wrapped up Monday night with the Green Bay Packers coming back in the second half for a 35-17 win over the Detroit Lions, join us as we go over all the NFL action from the week that was. What team had the most disappointing loss? What a difference from week one to week 2 can make for some teams and some Quarterbacks. 

Then Joshua and Steven VanOver take a look at ahead to week 3 and what match up's we like and if the Primetime games can keep living up to all of the hype. Then we buy and sell on Quarterbacks for next week and Steven explains why the referees are doing a good job! 

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Special thanks to Don Andrews and "The Matinee" for the wonderful introduction 

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