The proven ways to create FOMO; help, share, collaborate and get everybody talking #E1S3 May King Tsang

Season 3, Episode 1,  Sep 23, 03:00 AM

To kick us off this series, I have the amazing May King Tsang, who is known for her ability to create FOMO. 

May King has built her reputation and her authority in the world of making tea and making mistakes; as all us humans do. In this episode she shares with us her energy, optimism and bravery to find her path to success. 

The contents is revealing!

The time honored strategy to help, share, and collaborate to achieve momentum and make the journey that much more fun has allowed May King’s to raise her, and her clients profiles. 

One stunt, attracted new business in under 20mins from activation. Join us to learn her industry secrets and dive deep into the challenges of crippling self doubt, and the inevitable rise of the negative Nellie!

May King is now a top 50 recommended speaker in the world of tea. A legend in the twitter sphere for creating FOMO. And a multi-passionate entrepreneur bursting with creative ideas.

Tune in and you’ll learn:

  • Why we all need to stop being so British if we want to stand out online.
  • How to lean into your gifts and get clients seeking you out
  • What Muhammad Ali said the helped May King get out of her own way.
  • How to move the needle on your creative ideas by building up your self belief, confidence and prioritising self care
  • The deadly trap of comparisonitus and the simple truth to remember to overcome it
  • Why a Jim Carrey’s 90s movie can tell you everything you need to know about creating FOMO; and how you too can do it well.

This show is a laugh a minute with raw honesty, vulnerability and a good dose of the life and business lessons. The secret ingredients to rise to the top, create FOMO and stay a good human.

If you want to see more of May King, (a lot more!), be sure to check out her Proudest Moment: Victorian Teapot -Time Lapse of Fine Art Body Painting

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