Allegedly... Jordan Page calls herself the, "Fun Cheap or Free Queen" when in reality, her brand is not very feasible for the average American (which she claims to be).

Episode 3,   Jul 27, 2021, 06:27 PM

Another day, another Influencer Deep Dive...

Today we deep dive, “Mrs. Fun Cheap or Free” herself. Aka: Jordan Page. We discuss her and Bubba’s lifestyle, the dangers of opening 7 (yes you read that right, SEVEN) bank accounts and the real problems with over promoting products to followers.

NOTE: We had audio issues while recording :( Coach GG phoned in and it was our first time using the software. We did our best to edit the audio to match but alas here we are... We are new podcasters so please bare with us as we navigate through this world -- xo!!

1:00 - Jordan Page

16:30 - Jordan Page & Bubba Lifestyle

19:30 - 7 Bank Accounts

30:00 - Over Promoting Products

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