Anfield Wrap Join Beesotted Down The Pub for BUMPER Brentford v Liverpool Pre-Match Podcast

Sep 23, 06:10 AM

Billy the Bee Grant, Dave Laney Lane and Jimmy Mack McGeoghan were joined down The Globe pub in Brentford by Dan Morgan from award winning Liverpool podcast The Anfield Wrap for a BUMPER podcast discussing the forthcoming Liverpool match. 

We also talked about beer in the away end. Standing in the home end and the advent of safe standing. The win at Wolves. Timewasting vs cheating. Will Allsopp the spreadsheet winker gives us the statistical lowdown on Wolves and Liverpool. John JB Burchill gives us some record-breaking facts and funk. ex Bees midfielder Alan Cockram tales about playing at Anfield in the FA Cup quarter final in 1989. And Director of football Phil Giles gives us his thoughts on how we will get on against Liverpool.

Plus we give an idea of the pubs to check out pre and post match - before the printing of Ian Westbrooks match preview and pub guide on Friday on

A great listen. Get yourself a cup of tea, put your feet up and enjoy

Bumper Brentford v Liverpool podcast

0 min - Intro. Standing issues in the West Stand and future safe standing. No beer in the away end. Laney and Billy’s adventure in the posh seats

16 min 25 sec - Wolves match discussion

17 min 18 sec - Wolves fans and Brentford fans discuss the match at Molineaux straight after the game

20 min 46 sec - Wolves match discussion. Wolves fans were incensed by Brentford’s ability to run down the clock. Was it cheating? Or shrewd game management?

28 min 59 sec - Will Allsopp the spreadsheet winker - stats lowdown from the Wolves match

30 min 27 sec - Wolves match discussion

37 min 39 sec - Liverpool match discussion

38 min 05 sec - Jonathan JB Burchill’s record breaking facts and funk

39 min 34 sec - Dan from The Anfield Wrap podcast joins the discussion looking back on Brentford’s two most recent matches in the FA Cup Quarter Final and the milk cup - both in the 80s

44 min 40 sec - Ex Bee Allan Cockram talks about playing for Brentford at Anfield in the FA Cup Quarter final. Full Beesotted reloaded podcast talking to fans and ex players reliving Brentford’s FA Cup Quarter Final match at Anfield can be found here

46 min 56 sec - Dan from The Anfield Wrap talks Liverpool. We discuss the moment Klopp nearly joined Brentford. ex Liverpool player Sergi Canos and other players who played for both. Liverpool fan culture

1 hr 20 mins 18 sec - Will Allsopp the spreadsheet winker - stats lowdown on Liverpool

1 hr 21 min 50 sec - Liverpool match discussion
1 hr 24 min 32 sec - Brentford Director of Football Phil Giles on the Liverpool match

1 hr 24 min 51 sec - Liverpool match discussion, pubs and other stuff

1 hr 45 min 43 sec - END