Scot Elkins on being the Extreme E race director, never saying no and repairing guitars

Season 1, Episode 5,  Sep 26, 2021, 11:00 PM

Even if you’ve never seen his face, you’ve almost certainly heard his voice: Scot Elkins’ dulcet tones grace not only Extreme E as the voice of the race director but an impressively large array of other high-profile motorsport series the world over.

If you had to define Scot’s motorsport career, it might boil down to one word: yes. Never afraid to agree to a new challenge, he agreed to commit his directing prowess to Extreme E before he even knew what it was, adding yet another feather to a broadening hat.

James and Michael managed to crowbar some time into Scot’s busy schedule after the hectic Arctic X Prix to talk about his life on the road and his lesser known passion for guitars.

Plus we here from Extreme E CEO Alejandro Agag on the power motorsport has to influence positive change in the race for the planet.

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