Tips for Returning to the Office After Disordered Eating Recovery

Episode 20,  Sep 28, 2021, 08:44 AM

Sharing a life update today! As well as my top 6 tips for returning to the office after disordered eating recovery, eating disorder recovery or becoming an intuitive eater. The 4th tip is THE MOST critical!

This podcast episode will also be helpful if you've made positive changes to your healthy lifestyle over the past 1.5+ years of working from home, but now you're heading back to the office.

Thinking about returning to the office after disordered eating recovery during quarantine might be bringing up a lot of thoughts and feelings. Will I be able to maintain my food freedom in an office setting? Or will old habits creep back as I fall back into my old routine?

If you’re struggling with these intrusive thoughts, I want to assure you that it’s totally normal. Even those who didn’t recover from an eating disorder, disordered eating or chronic dieting during quarantine are feeling apprehensive about returning to the office.

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