Trauma Was in My DNA

Season 3, Episode 3,  Oct 03, 2021, 01:00 PM

Sitting down with honest people willing to share about their journey with mental health disorders.

An individual with severe depression, anxiety and PTSD shares their life-long struggles with self-harm, suicide attempts and an underlying addictive process. They discuss how their self-harm has manifested in both physical manners and through different outlets of disordered eating and self-suffering. Their addictive process led to fantasy and romance addiction, codependency and other obsessive behaviors. They discuss how they eventually found growth from every experience, but it started small with just learning how to get up and self-care for that day. They report struggling with identity issues throught their life until their early twenties when they changed their life with the help of therapy, multiple 12-step fellowships, and finding a purpose in guiding others on a spiritual journey.