EP 54- Who Is Juan?

Sep 28, 07:00 AM

On this episode of Sweatpants and Stretch-Marks the ladies get into:
❧ Blended Families - is it easier when the kids are younger or older?
❧ Is it true that women have a "back up plan" do they know who is up next if their current relationship doesn't work out?
❧ Over sexualizing your partner on social media. is this a sign of being "proud" of your partner or insecurity?
❧ Is it possible to share too much?
❧❧ Messy Media - Jada Pinkett-Smith really wants to learn how to love.
❧ Homecoming - were we more excited for it as kids?
❧ Are we.....OLD?!
❧ Jazzá's Would You Rather
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