Financial Survival Toolkit: Pensions

Sep 29, 2021, 11:01 PM

Do you work in the gig economy? What impact does that have on how you manage your money? Join Anthony Morrow as he chats to father and son, Andy and Josh.  Andy is a comedian and Josh works in the arts, so they both work from gig to gig - quite literally! Andy, Josh and Anthony discuss how they have managed to make the relatively unpredictable nature of freelance and temporary work, work for them.  

Anthony Morrow is CEO and Founder of OpenMoney. He's on a mission to let people get the most out of their money. After 25 years in the finance industry he's sick of watching the rich get richer, whilst people who would benefit from advice don't have access to it. This podcast aims to change that.

Presenter: Anthony Morrow @OpenMoney_ajm
Instagram: @getonthemoney
Facebook: @getonthemoney