#JustBloodyPostIt note: why Claudia Winkleman's wrong about Instagram

Season 2, Episode 19,   Oct 01, 2021, 05:30 AM

**I swear twice in this episode, so it's maybe not for little or sensitive ears**

This week's pod note is really a message about how building an online audience can raise us up. About how it can create opportunity and connections where there are none. How marvellous it is that it's free to use, and without gatekeepers at the door.

It was triggered by reading some comments about social media made in an interview with Claudia Winkleman, “I hate the language of it. I hate ‘likes’ and ‘followers’. It’s nonsense. It’s like throwing a sock into space."

J'adore you Claudia, and I'd love to be able to chat about why I feel you're a little bit wrong about Instagram. Or that there's more to consider. As we can't WhatsApp, consider this a voice note.

Here's the interview, it's behind a pay wall on The Times website which is a pain, but I want to share the source anyway: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/up-close-with-strictlys-claudia-winkleman-and-tess-daly-vctfnjz3b