Introducing The Tommy Sandhu Podcast

Episode 1,  Oct 02, 2021, 05:22 AM

“Why don’t you do a daily podcast, Tommy?” 

Ok ok ok! 

It’s here! 

I get so many messages saying that I need to do something daily! Up until now, I’ve just been too lazy! But - I got my team of friends together and now I’m more excited than I ever imagined! 

I’ll be talking to a different guest every day (Monday to Friday) about all the things I love! 

We’ve got people from the world of food, sport, family, music, film, comedy, and more! 

I want to bring people together and have voices on the podcast that either inspire us, make us feel good, or open our minds to another way of thinking and living.

This is the most real, most true, and personal project I’ve ever worked on! 

I really hope you enjoy it … it all starts this Monday 4th October 2021

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Right - we’ve got some great guests coming your way! Make sure you’re a part of it all!