Leaked_ Secret Confessions Of A Therapist Making More Than £100k Online!

Episode 6,  Oct 04, 2021, 02:00 PM

"I quit my job in December 2014 just before Christmas! It took me seven weeks and four days to sign my first client... "

Yup you heard right, that’s how it started, but not how it ended…

I'm Dr Tilean, Chartered Psychologist and business mentor for Health and Wellness Practitioners. In this episode, I share my personal journey through uncertainty, doubt, fear and fog before emerging as a successful practitioner with a dream business that works for me and not the other way round. 

I will share with you how I did it and why I believe you can too!

If you're like me or the many health and wellness professionals I've had the privilege to mentor, you've probably always dreamed of having your own business? 

A vision of your own thing; something you can call your own and run the way you want. And that’s exciting because most people are driven by their deepest desires and dreams, and we health and wellness practitioners are no exception! 

Imagine looking at the business side of things and wondering how much greener the grass is on that side...

Imagine having the time freedom to work when and how much you want... (and spend the extra time with friends and family, or just doing the things you actually love).

The spatial freedom to work from anywhere you want... 

And more!

But unfortunately, impostor syndrome always strikes on time, and you end up asking yourself these questions… 

  • I don't know, but am I even qualified enough to do this?
  • Is it possible to be successful without no business know-how?
  • Does it even make sense for me to start a business right now, with all that’s going on in my life?

I get it, because that was once me, but you can move past these thoughts… 

You don’t need to remain sitting on the fence with your vision.

You don’t need to remain unsure of what the next steps are! 
You don’t need to remain stuck because of your own life challenging circumstances.

Tune in and hear what it takes to make the breakthrough and turn the ideas you have into something meaningful.

What if I told you that the change you're seeking isn't only possible, but very likely if you apply a proven formula that countless other health professionals have used with great success?

Watch the full episode to find your answers and the way forward! ❤️

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