No Country For Old Men

Oct 11, 04:01 AM

We're BOUNCING from "The Big Lebowski" to ANOTHER Coen Brothers flick ... "No Country For Old Men"! Thanks, Rog-- Carter Burwell! 

(0:30 - 10:20) Harry turns the podcast into a BOOK BOUNCE. Join us as Harry discusses the "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" novelization. 
(10:30 - 14:40) Mike vents about movie critics.
(14:45 - 51:50) Mike and Harry discuss No Country for Old Men! (EPIC Spoilers). Is the film as close to flawless as possible? Are the Coen Brothers better at adapting material? 

Where will we BOUNCE to next week? Will it be to "Blade Runner 2049" via Roger Deakins? Tommy Lee Jones in "In the Valley of Elah" (and via Roger Deakins)? or Josh Brolin in "True Grit" (and via Roger Deakins)? or Kelly Macdonald in "Gosford Park" (NOT via Roger Deakins)? Find out next week! 

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