Season 1, Episode 1,  Oct 08, 2021, 10:52 AM

by philosopher Greg Scorzo.

During this unique listening experience, we are taken on a journey through the turbulent love life of our protagonist Joe, via his romantic relationships with two different women, Janet and Lorraine. This is done by eavesdropping on real-time exchanges between the 3 characters. How to navigate that journey, the listener has to decide on their own. Beware, this is not a happy gallop through a RomCom. 

Love resists knowledge about love, because we master love by doing it, rather than theorising about it. Yet there is a paradox - bad ideas about love can make us do it much worse. In the domain of love, ideas are relevant, even if comprehensive knowledge is still impossible. Is Unconditional Love good? Is Conditional Love bad? After all love resides in the mystical, unconscious and divine realms - in our wildest dreams and worst nightmares. 
LOVE BEFORE COVID is written, devised, directed and scored by philosopher Dr Greg Scorzo. It stars Daniel Ashman and Sarah Dalzell and is narrated by Chris Conway, and produced by Lizzie Soden. 
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