Getting to know DJ Arcadia

Episode 50,  Oct 09, 2021, 06:22 AM

*I do not own any rights to the music featured on here. Opening Song: Freedom by JLA (Justin's League Of America) Swisher by: JLA Fearless Girl by: Maiah Wynne No Tap by: JLA (Ft Rajime The Block Bishop) Don't Discriminate by: Swiggle Mandela, Roulette Delagato Swiggle Dark Mandela by: Swiggle Mandela Water: Chain Taylor, Swiggle Mandela Betrayal (pt1) by: Altayon Sit Down by: JLA Closing Song: Break Free by: JLA, That Fucking Ivan, KontraKillz

I got to sit down with this very talented and sweet, individual to talk about the very real danger people are in even in 2021. Arcadia opens up about being queer and nonbinary, the differences between the different labels, and so much more. Hear music by Justin's League Of America, Swiggle Mandela, Imani (formerly known as Micah The Rapper), Maiah Wynne, Chain Taylor, and more!