Shakshuka: Episode 4

Episode 4,  Oct 11, 2021, 06:00 AM

Ep 4: Shakshuka

On today’s episode of Plants and Cats, I talk about my favourite North African and Middle Eastern dish, Shakshuka! 

Shakshuka is a heavenly combination of tomatoes, onions, bell pepper, feta, and eggs. It’s quickly become a staple in our house, much to my husband Shawn’s dismay.

Tune in to today’s show to find out how to make this delicious meal for yourself or your family and hear more about why Shawn regrets ever introducing this meal to me.
*EDITORS NOTE* Shawn loves shakshuka, introduced Erika to it and makes it for her all the time. He just is tired of eating it every single week. If you ate your favourite food every week you might get sick of it too!

Be sure to stay to the end for this week's tarot card! At the end of every episode I always draw a card for the listeners and today is no exception. The message from this week's card is one that I'm sure that we can all relate to. Every week I also post a photo of the card for everyone over in The Babes Club app.

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Shakshuka Recipe:

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