10/12/2021 In My Opinion Hour 2

Episode 664
Oct 12, 04:42 PM

Guest: Sports attorney Dan Lust joins the show to talk on the fallout of #JonGruden and talk on the roles the #Raiders, #WashingtonFootballTeam and the #NFL will play in all of this. Also, how this may be far from over for #WFT
Denton dives in to the two biggest #NBA stories at the moment: the #Nets #KyrieIrving will not be allowed to participate with the team under the current Covid protocols and #BenSimmons showed up to the #Sixers game unbeknownst to anyone
It's a Tuesday, it seems like as good of a time as any for a little #NFLWeek5 Overreactions and it comes at you in the best way possible, the opportunity for you, the listener, to either swipe right or swipe left in the fast growing segment called #SportsTinder