Cooking Schools

Season 3, Episode 3,  Oct 13, 08:51 AM

Blanca, Dee, and Mei have radically different relationships with cooking schools. Dee, always inquisitive, signs up for a cooking class every time she travels; deep-diving Blanca is a Cordon Bleu graduate (pictured) who has not only taken cooking classes but also taught quite a few; and Mei refuses to take a cooking class, mainly because her Chinese side doesn’t want to be publicly shamed when she fails!

Cooking schools that make you cry. Cooking schools with hot instructors. Cooking schools that are a waste of money. Cooking schools that provide a unique window into a place that might have gone hereto undiscovered. Community kitchen cooking schools. Books about cooking schools. From Madrid to Cork, Cape Town and the CIA, we’ve got your cooking school questions covered in this latest episode of Spice Bags.

Mentioned in this episode:
Ballymaloe Cookery School