We're A Video Podcast Now!

Episode 6,  Oct 14, 09:00 AM

Thursday, October 14th, 2021

We're A Video Podcast Now
00:00 - 2:01

Catching Up With Each Other (Mike's Birthday, Ziggy's Encounter With A White Sox Catcher At Midway Airport, Mike's New Trend He Wants Everyone To Join, What Side Of TikTok Are We On, Update On Dog The Bounty Hunter)
2:01 - 18:06

NBA Talk (Ben Simmons Reports To 76ers, Nets No Longer Offering Extension To Kyrie Irving, Western Conference Preview)
18:06 - 1:07:32

NHL and WNBA Updates
1:07:32 - 1:08:07

MLB Talk (White Sox Season Has Come To A Close, Ian Being Thrown Into The White Sox Dave vs John Cusack Beef,  ALCS Preview, NLCS Preview
1:08:07 - 1:37:17

College Football Talk (Recap Of Week 6, Ian's Expectations For Rest Of The Season, Week 7 Preview)
1:37:17 - 1:53:26

NFL Talk (Week 5 Takeaways, "Convinced or Unconvinced", Week 6 Storylines/Games We're Looking Forward To, King(s) Of The Week, Dogshit Of The Week, The Unathletic Podcast Gambling Corner)
1:53:26 - 2:37:55

The Wrap Up
2:37:55 - 2:44:20

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