Season 2, Episode 27,  Oct 14, 12:57 PM

Hey Queens! In todays episode Keaira will touch on the topic of Showing up for yourself. We are all busy doing all the things! Mommy duties, Wife or partner duties, running businesses, building business, raising kids, helping family all the things! Its so easy for us to show up for everyone that at times we forget to show up for US! Keaira will give us 5 ways to start showing up for ourselves. Take notes ladies and start showing up today!

Mentioned in Episode:
Soundtrack for the week:
Silence: Making room to hear from GOD

What Im loving: Growth

What we not doing: Giving up without giving our all

Point 1: Get your mind right, make sure your mental health is in order
Point 2: Normalize prioritizing REST
Point 3: Get out of your comfort zone
Point 4: Don't be scared to put in the work
Point 5: You deserve everything that's coming your way
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