HORROR HOOKUP: Matthew Scott Montgomery, co-host of UNIDENTIFIED with DEMI LOVATO

Oct 15, 10:29 AM

MATTHEW SCOTT MONTGOMERY is co-host of the new documentary series UNIDENTIFIED WITH DEMI LOVATO-- and what a blast it was having this lovely soul on the show for our latest HORROR HOOKUP!

Best friend to Demi Lovato, Matthew joins them and their sister Dallas on a road trip in search of definitive answers to some of the biggest questions about extraterrestrial life. Along with leading alien experts and the occasional guest star, the trio investigates recent eyewitness alien encounters, uncovers secret government reports and conducts tests at UFO hot spots in hopes of exposing the truth.

UNIDENTIFIED WITH DEMI LOVATO is available now on PEACOCK in the United States and NOW in Europe.