Allegedly... nothing is real.

Episode 11,   Oct 15, 2021, 04:20 PM

Another day, another deep dive.... this week we are going *IN* on Instagram giveaways AND engagement pods. But first, we have to talk about Champagne and Chanel's wedding!

Are the winners even real? Do the prizes exist? What's a ghost spot? Who is a host? Do influencers profit off the giveaways? Are social media agencies involved? Is this legal? We break it down from start to finish.... so bare with us.

Note: The audio used from an anonymous source has been altered.

Champagne Chanel's Wedding Highlight
Champagne Chanel Instagram
"Giveaway Winner" Highlight
"Fraud Rings" Highlight
"Fraud Loop Ring" Highlight
"Telegram" Highlight

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