Self Realization and The Inner Child Part 10

Episode 12,  Oct 17, 04:10 PM

Have you connected with your inner child?
The one who has been crying for your attention all your life is yearning for your love and approval. The wounded inner child is calling so that it finally receives the love, the nurturing that was missed in your childhood.
Hear Kornelia and I, with special guest Trish Campbell, share how loving the wounded child-free is the gift of this lifetime. Becoming your own inner parent can be a painful process but is so necessary on the path to self-realization. You can heal and love all parts of you back into wholeness. Loving the wounded inner child so that you can play more with your divine child as you begin living your second life now.

If listening to this has triggered or raised any memories or emotions that you are struggling with and would like to discuss them please get in touch with me .
I like to hold a safe space for you and guide you through a process to recognise, accept, honour, shift and, when ready, let things go.

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