Podcast 18 - Food Waste

Episode 18,  Oct 21, 2021, 04:00 AM

Do you find yourself throwing out more food than you would like? Did you know that by addressing food waste in your life, you are enabling yourself to take climate action three times every single day! For this podcast our guests are co-founder & CEO of Food Cloud Aoibheann O’Brien and environmental scientist with EPA Ireland and manager for their Food Waste Prevention Programme Odile Le Bolloch.

We are talking about one of our favourite things, food! In this discussion we hear of the amazing work that Odile and Aoibheann do and they share so many wonderful insights on focusing on food as opposed to food waste. We learn of the common issues shared across the globe, that local solutions are helping with a global problem, the connections that food brings. Join us to hear the inclusive and positive messages that our guests have, to help you join the food waste revolution!