Episode 370 - Martin Sorrondeguy (Limp Wrist, Los Crudos, Needles, Canal Irreal)

Oct 19, 04:51 AM

MARTIN CRUDO SORRONDEGUY IS HERE!!! Join Damian as he sits down with one of his heroes to talk about his journey to & through punk. From B-boying beside Kurtis Blow on TV, to "being ready" for punk, to the amazingness of the 90's Chicago DIY Hardcore scene, to the lasting impact of Will Munro: THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!!

Find Martin & his incredible photos on Instagram at @MartinCrudo 
Check out Los Crudos at loscrudoschicago.bandcamp.com for their ESSENTIAL discography dbl lp. 
And find, Martin's latest awesome band, Canal Irreal's awesome LP on the great Beach Impediment Records in stores NOW!

Also Touched On:

Finding punk as KISS fan

Watching Don Kirshner’s Rockpile

Seeing Fear on SNL when it happened 

The Cramps in “Urgh! It’s A Music War”

Going to see Joan Jett and seeing the punks getting beat

Being a B-Boy

Chicago being a tough town

Growing up on the South Side

Dancing on TV with Kurtis Blow

A City of Codes

“I’m going punk!”

“Fast And Loud” on WNUR

The importance of House Music

Violence at shows

Return to the basement

“What The Fuck?” Fanzine

Violent Tumour

Record collecting talk 

Los Crudos: “I wanted something fast and loud”

“It’s so pretty”: 90s Emo

the East/ West Coast Power Violence 


Will Monroe and when Toronto was still cool

Scum Punk and Hell House

Algebra Suicide

Meeting Bruce La Bruce

International Hardcore


Wax Trax vs. Vintage Vinyl

Best people on the mic in hardcore

The emotional drain of Los Crudos shows