Breaking Self-Sabotaging Patterns + Sending Love to Your Body w/Megan Warren

Season 2, Episode 46,  Oct 21, 2021, 11:09 AM

I chat with Megan Warren. Megan is a  Certified Holistic Practitioner after being inspired to find the root of her health struggles and investigate WHY her body wasn’t operating optimally. Using a whole body approach and advanced lab testing, she focuses on getting to the root of imbalances in the body.

She guides clients on an intuitive holistic healing journey by implementing and optimizing their nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress management, and mindset while incorporating a natural supplementation.

She also highlights on breaking self-sabotaging patterns.

Guys— this episode didn’t feel over and you will see why at the end. I am beyond grateful we were able to be as candid as we were. We shared some real-time healing on my behalf. And I have been changed ever since.
Join me in my chat with Megan Warren :)

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