What is a Sweat Lodge?


Benoit Paquette a modern Shaman from Quebec explains the process of a Sweat Lodge. #Paros #TaoSCenter #Schamanic #SweatLodge #BenoitPaquette

almost 5 years ago
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Taoscenter - almost 5 years ago

Benoit Paquette is a modern Shaman from Quebec and a friend and teacher at Tao´s Center! He is going to give two workshops at Tao´s and 3 Sweat Lodge Events at 23. May, 29. May and 4. June 2012. The gathering will start at 18:30 h at Tao´s Center. The cost for joining will be 70 €. We are all looking forward to this event. Come over to join us and listen to our short interview with Benoit.