Morbid Network presents: A chat with Spencer Henry & Madison Reyes from OBITCHUARY(Special Episode Sneak Peek!)

Oct 22, 12:34 AM

Hey weirdos! We want to allow you to get to know our little family here on Morbid Network, so we decided to start a special interview series where we chat with the hosts of these handpicked shows and let you get to know why we love their guts! With these special episodes, you also get a sneak preview of their latest episode to really wet your whistle to dive into a new pod. Yes, that was a disgusting sentence but that's who we are.

Today, we chat with two people who everyone deserves to know and love, Spencer Henry and Madison Reyes. We feel so lucky to have these two beautiful Luna moths on our network and their show OBITCHUARY is unlike anything you have ever allowed into your ear holes. Not only will you get scathing, hilarious and sometimes really dark obituaries, but you will also get some bizarre history and true crime tidbits along the way. They are truly delightful and you will want them to be your best friends too.
We chatted about how expensive it is to tell someone you hate them in death, the cosmic way they became besties and so much more.
Come on in, friends. The water is truly hilarious.


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