10/22/2021 Wake Up Call Hour 2

Episode 1607,  Oct 22, 03:01 PM

The Good The Bad The Dumb...Attention #Potterheads! A new quiz show is coming to you end of #November that will pit all the #Hogwarts houses against one another; #AlecBaldwinj accidentally kills someone and injures another on the set of his movie 'Rust'; the largest manufacturer of #candycorn was hacked...that's it. That's the dumb.
Tony & Ronn get into the fact that the #NFL is trying to bury all those emails seized from the #WFT...no way #JonGruden was the only bad guy in all of this.
Guest: SB Nation's Talking Chop writer Cory McCartney joins the show to talk all things #Braves and honestly it is one of the more in depth interviews on one baseball team this show has ever had.