Wait.. Why do we fidget?

Episode 5
Oct 24, 10:00 AM

Season 1/Episode 5: Jenna and Aly talk self soothing vs stimming, body focused repetitive behaviors, fidget toys, the relationship between fidgeting and anxiety, weight shifting/rocking, what is fidgeting, why people with adhd fidget, our current/past personal fidgeting behavior, and (of course) a few distractions along the way.

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Are stimming and self soothing the same thing? What is the best fidget toy? How does fidgeting help you? Can fidgeting be problematic? Have you heard of BFRBs? What is the relationship between fidgeting and anxiety? 

Wait.. what were we doing? Oh yeah, making a podcast about ADHD! In this episode, Jenna and Aly discuss in depth all about fidgeting. This week the conversation is focused on anecdotal information from your hosts with just a dash of research from Aly for guidance and spice. Jenna and Aly start by talking about the difference between self soothing and stimming. They discuss what is fidgeting and some reasons why people with adhd fidget. They give you the low down on their favorite fidget toys, their personal fidgeting behavior (current and past), and even the benefit fidgeting has on anxiety! Jenna finally gets to air her dislike of fidget spinners while praising pop it toys while Aly plays with her new squishy the whole time. Before wrapping up their ADHD podcast, they discuss body focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs).

ADHD in women is real. In this episode, Aly and Jenna are excellent examples of this. They are two smart cookies, but they can be easily distracted and have a tendency to go on a tangent or two.. or three.. 
The tangents and distractions of the week include but are definitely not limited to:
  • Transitional activities
  • Getting ready for vacation
  • ADHD pen pal matching
  • A secret conversation
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • What are poppers?!?
  • Aly being nosey 
  • Jenna loves dogs

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