Rosemarie Kennedy Lobotomy, Story of A Royal Orphan & Did Doris Duke Get Away with Murder 🚘

Episode 19,  Nov 01, 2021, 02:31 PM

The accident of Tiger Woods is being kept secret. Prince Harry talks mental health- again. Sex, Sterilization and a Socialite's Downfall book. Doris Duke accidentally killed her interior designer. The Inman twins were severally neglected and where did the money go when they hit adulthood?

Why is the cause of Tiger Woods's accident being kept secret? Prince Harry's mental health special with Oprah- was he the most qualitied for the role? New book is released about the 1936 case of an heiress suing her mother who tricked into her getting sterilized. Rosemary Kennedy's failed lobotomy and Howard Hughes both encountered situations where caregivers took advantage of their mental capacity. A Palm Beach Restaurant owner was released from prison after trying to trick his girlfriend into an abortion. Jodie, from Realitv, We Hate Everything and Total Request Podcast with Amanda & Jodie guests to discuss the case of Doris Duke - did she get away with murder? (Previously recorded Oct 2020) Doris Duke's heirs, Georgia and Patterson Inman, were also abused by their drug addict father- did he commit murder as well?

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