Oct 26, 2021, 04:35 PM

We're back baby! although we never left, it sounded good to say. This week we are getting unrefined from the start! Netflix and chillin is causing some issues out here and the company is now getting sued by internet companies due to the strain being put on their streaming capabilities. Rapper and Twerk Master Meg thee Stallion has the sauce...literally. She and Popeye's chicken have collaborated and released a new dip called "Hottie Sauce" and we both kinda wanna know what that tastes like. Speaking of eateries, there's a Portland company releasing some magic mushroom chocolate bars and we are not mad at all. Honestly, trick or treating may be for adults after all. And we close the show out with a story about a mom trying to be too cool and basically allowed frat parties for teens at her home and even encouraged assaults...yea really.
As usual, come get Unrefined for some time with us.