My 00s No1 Album - Fred from Spector & Les Incompetents picks albums by The Mars Volta and The Video Nasties

Episode 73,  Oct 26, 11:01 PM

Our series of bonus podcasts continues with Fred Macpherson  from Spector and Les Incompetents naming his favourite album of the 00s era.

First up, Fred - setting aside the Strokes' first two albums - goes with The Mars Volta's De-Loused in the Comatorium as the best album of the 00s.

However, he also gives a shout out to The Video Nasties album On All Fours as the lost indie gem of the era.

That got us thinking - what albums from the 00s deserve more love? Pete and Rich make their selections...

PLUS! On our full length chat with Fred, he put a plea out to our listeners, asking if anyone had the MP3 of the Max Carlish Megamix he made in the mid-2000s... and the file has been found!

Thanks so much to Jamie Graeme who sent it into Fred, who in turn sent it onto us - and you can hear the mash up from the Pete Doherty documentary on this episode!   

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*Recorded on 20 September 2021*