Allegedly... Teddi Mellencamp Wants YOU to go ALL IN... on Starvation

Episode 12,   Oct 27, 2021, 10:25 AM

Another week, another deep dive... trigger warning: today's episode we discuss eating disorders and diet programs at great length.

Unfortunately, this podcast was recorded because of one individual: Teddi Mellencamp. A daughter, mother, housewife, celebrity and self-professed "accountability coach". Teddi has spoken out about her own negative journey w/ food & she is NOW inflicting that pain on hundreds (if not thousands) of others!! Masking it with something that we like to call the, “Hey Girl!” mentality.

Allegedly, Teddi requires:
- daily weigh ins
- intake of 500-700 calories per day
- 60 minutes of cardio per day
- NO weight training
- bathing suit pictures
- photo proof of every meal
- A large amount of money
- 24/7 communication
- approved social media posts

... what more do you need? Don't worry, there's more (and we have the receipts):

1. All In IG Highlight
2. Selling Starvation: The Shameful Case of Teddi Mellencamp
3. Dietitian Reviews Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Teddi Melencamp's "ALL IN" (This is SO DANGEROUS!)

During this episode, we acknowledge that Teddi's "All In" Program is apart of a much larger problem. That as a society, we have instilled the ideology of eating disorders and negative food associations into the minds of our youth. If you or someone you know has suffered from an eating disorder and needs help, please call the NEDA hotline at: (800) 931-2237.

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