Podcast 19 - Climate Change & Art

Episode 19,  Oct 28, 2021, 05:00 AM

Have you wondered why there is not more culture and the arts used to engage people on climate change? Well, you might be happy to hear that there is indeed great work growing within this area in Ireland. We are talking to two leaders of this field - Chriszine Backhouse, Creativity and Change course coordinator at Munster Technological University and Tania Banotti, the Director of the Creative Ireland Programme.

Chriszine and Tania share a wealth of information from their experiences and learnings, as they forge new paths of climate engagement and inclusivity in creative and thought provoking ways. We hear about new inclusive art projects - covering all art forms and across Ireland - taking place on the ground that centre on the importance of using local knowledge and community-led messaging; the need to move beyond raising awareness to behaviour change and the instrumental role of Local Authorities. We hear how the arts have the potential to support a sense of connection and inspire us to imagine alternative realities and to take action to make these happen.