Episode 84: The Tragic Case of Brittany Killgore

Episode 84,  Nov 11, 2021, 05:00 AM

Brittany Kilgore was a beautiful 22 year old woman who was preparing for a move back home to her family. After just recently filing for divorce from military husband, she was packing her things preparing for her trip home, when suddenly she heard a knock at her door. Sergeant Louis Ray Perez was on the other side, heavily pressuring Brittany to attend a dinner cruise with him later that evening. Brittany recognized Louis as a distant acquaintance…But had no idea what his true intention was…unfortunately Perez led a life of secrets. Living a BDSM lifestyle, Perez took his sexual fantasies to the extreme. As a result, he had a history of putting women in danger. Brittany had no idea what horror was in store for her that night. May she Rest In Peace.