Episode 7 - Humble Steak Pie

Episode 7,  Nov 08, 2021, 09:00 AM

This week, we’re bringing you some seriously funny stories! SuZe makes Cass gag (again!), Cass’s heart breaks, both ladies give some rather sage advice to a two-faced, two-timing, gold-digging, white trash, brazen, foul-mouthed hussy. Cass has some good news to share, and Suze has a special surprise to share with Cass! But, of course, who will take the crown!

Coming up this week we have the following amusement for your ears:

- Sweet Humiliation – Cass’s story goes out with a bang, and Suze’s story will make you gag!
- Aunty Vice – Yes, we’re bringing back this segment after popular demand. Suze brings a story that everyone with a family can relate to, and Cass brings a story that will reduce you to tears.
- Sunshine of the Week – Cass has some HUGE news! And Suze blows Cass’s mind 

Hope you enjoy the show!

Cass & SuZe x

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