Noah vs Hasbulla

Episode 10,  Nov 11, 2021, 05:00 AM

Thursday, November 11th, 2021

Movie Talk - Mike Is Choosing To See "Belfast" Over "Clifford The Big Red Dog"... (00:00 - 04:25)

NFL Talk - Week 9 Takeaways, Patriots Are Back..., Bill Belichick With The Outfit Of The Year, NFL Is Going Downhill, Mark Hamil vs Aaron Rodgers, King(s) Of The Week, Dogshit Of The Week,  Tom Brady Of The Week, Week 10 Gambling Corner, Playoff Talk? (04:25 - 46:57)

NBA Update - Look At The Standings, Some Teams Underperforming While Others Are Overperforming, Jokic vs Morris, Mike's Awards Power Rankings, Noah vs Hasbulla (46:57 - 1:08:28)

College Basketball Is Back (1:08:28 - 1:16:00)

What's New In The MLB - Which 17 Teams Are Committed To Competing In 2022, Qualifying Offers, Finalists For Rookie Of The Year/Manager Of The Year/Cy Young/MVP Announced, White Sox Spending Big Money This Offseason, MLB Lockout (1:16:00 - 1:41:35)

Latest On The NHL - Blackhawks Fire Coach Jeremy Colliton And Immediately Win 2 Straight, Ziggy Is Going To The Yotes-Hawks Game On Friday With Puck Daddy Kevin, Willy Nylander Scored A Goal (1:41:35 - 1:44:33)

Loaded College Football Week - Recap Of Week 10, Talking About Latest CFP Rankings, Look Ahead At Week 11 (1:44:33 - 2:13:18)

Wrapping Up - The Boys Learn Some History About Tennessee, Ziggy Is Having To Create A Fake Football Player For His College Class So Northwestern QB Ian Blum It Is (2:13:18 - 2:26:50)

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