Making Women Financially Independent: Shinjini Kumar, Co-Founder - SALT

Episode 53,  Nov 12, 2021, 05:30 AM

On this episode, I am delighted to introduce a powerful woman and one of India’s leading professionals in the finance sector who is also a writer and now an entrepreneur–Shinjini Kumar

Shinjini Kumar is co-founder of SALT a financial services app for women. She was previously the Country Buisness Manager for consumer bank, Citibank India for 3 years. She has also held senior positions in Paytm Payments Bank (CEO, 2016-2017) and a career that spans leadership positions in institutions such as PWC, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Reserve Bank of India. She has studied English Literature from Delhi University, journalism from Times Centre for Media Studies and Public Policy from the University of Texas at Austin.

She is also co-founder of Indian Novels Collective, a not-for-profit initiative to promote Indian literature in translation. She writes short fiction and has been published by the Journal of Indian Literature, Out-of-print magazine, The Beacon Magazine and others.