Ultimate Secrets To How A Profitable Health & Wellness Practitioner Thinks!

Episode 11,  Nov 16, 2021, 02:00 PM

It is difficult to envy the hard life of a health and wellness practitioner. Years of putting in the hard work and qualifying oneself to reach a point where you can actually help others with the right knowledge πŸ˜“

All the blood, sweat and tears!

Been there, done that. Check.

But where most practitioners actually go wrong is when they believe that this exact same template of hard work will get them further success going ahead πŸ€”

The pandemic and lockdown has not made it any easier for them either 😷 

They come to the conclusion that they are perhaps not working hard enough or working more hours. And that if they did, maybe it could lead to higher financial gain and more success!

And they are surprised when it doesn’t… 😯

Hi, I am Dr Tilean, Chartered Psychologist and Business Mentor for Health and Wellness Practitioners. And in this episode I am more than excited to share how thinking in a different way has transformed my life and it could change yours too.

The right questions you need to be asking of yourself for higher financial gain. For better client transformations. For more fame, and more growth!

All while they are living the most perfect and soul-nourished version of their dream lives.

Take time out to watch this full episode in one full sitting (23 minutes) and comment your thoughts below ❀️

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