My 00s No1 Album - Charles Cave from White Lies picks Now Here Is Nowhere by Secret Machines

Episode 79,  Nov 17, 2021, 12:01 AM

Our series of bonus podcasts continues with Charles Cave from White Lies picking his favourite album of the 00s.

Charles goes with the debut album from Secret Machines - Now Here Is Nowhere as his favourite of the 2000s.

We discuss how a powerful live show at Club NME in Camden's Koko caught his attention and how this brilliant LP turned him into a fan.

Plus, Charles recounts touring with some members of the band who were working on a new project and wonders why Secret Machines never get the mainstream attention they deserved.

Remember you can catch our full chat with Charles about his band on our full-length White Lies episode in our library.

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*Recorded on 16 November 2021*